Taking it to the next level

Right, this may be a bit grim, but I’ve been thinking about recycling quite a bit lately, and I’ve come up with another great idea.

The Ultimate Recycling Project.

(Yes, it warrants caps.)

I’m going to become an organ donor.

Well, think about it. When I die I’ve already told all the people who’ll make all the arrangements that I don’t want to be buried and take up space. So if they’re cremating me anyway why not take all the useful bits out first? It makes perfect sense.

I just figure that if I’m going to be serious about Doing the Right Thing and saving the planet there’s really no other option. I’m going to get hold of the relevant people this week and find out what they need me to do.

I’m already a regular blood donor. Ask me about my first time one day.

Oh and about the organ thing I’ve checked with my family and they seem cool with the idea of giving all the good bits to others who may need them at the time. I figure that if we have the technology to take a piece of someone’s eye and stick it in another person to make their life better – then let’s do it!

Makes me think of Terry Pratchett’s Igors. “Yeth indeed marthster.”

I’ll keep you posted on how to sign up.



3 thoughts on “Taking it to the next level

  1. Great idea. post the details. i too am happy to pass on whatever is of use to someone who may be needing it! As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

  2. nice one
    signed a donor card years ago but dont know where it went
    im one of those eveil people who think we shuld be allowed to dig up graveyards but try saying that allowed anywhere
    i mean not just dig them up for fun of course…

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