TerriFirma – Getting started

Exactly a week ago I decided that enough was enough. Granted, it may have had something to do with the fact that I was gripped by a raging fever and trying to bravely fight off the flu, but I realised that I just wasn’t as healthy as I used to be. And I put it down to a few things.

Firstly, in the middle of flu season everyone insists on coughing and sneezing on me. At work, in the street, in the shop… everywhere. By the time I get where I’m going I’m covered in a not-so-thin layer of infectious diseases.

Secondly, I haven’t been going to gym. Well, not often enough at any rate. As a result my body has been feeling all feak and weeble and generally uncooperative. So when the common garden variety cold comes along, instead of standing up to fight, my immune system rolls over and plays dead.

Thirdly, it had been ages since I prepared a proper meal for myself. Going out to functions and meetings after work meant that I was surviving on hastily prepared packet meals where you just add water, or on champagne and canapes. Sounds grand, but trust me, you can only eat so many tiny spring rolls.

So I decided to take decisive steps. I went out to Pick n Pay and bought a bunch of banananas, some fat free little yoghurts, a 500ml bottle of water and a strip of small packets of raisins. The bottle of water was so that I could keep refilling it to drink at my desk the banananas were because I need to eat fruit and the raisins… well they were my sad substitute for sweets.

After a week, I have had a bananana and yoghurt everyday. The raisins, while a nice sugary treat, would work out to be too expensive, so I didn’t buy any more of those. And I’ve been drinking water instead of fizzy drinks.

In fact, this week, I didn’t buy any fizzy drinks, chips, sweets or chocolates. I’m pretty impressed with myself really. And it hasn’t been that hard. Although I have a theory as to why. What with all the petrol and food price increases I’ve been aware of my money – or lack thereof. So each time I’ve walked past the vending machine or corner cafe I’ve repeated this little mantra: “You want to go to the UK in February. DON’T DO IT!” And it’s worked. Two birds and all that. Save money and stop eating junk.

On Friday I went grocery shopping and bought a load of fresh veggies which I cooked up last night and put in small bags into the freezer. That way all I have to do is plop the veggies into the pan when I need them. It also means that I won’t have to face the ordeal of scooping soggy baby marrows off the bottom of my fridge in three weeks time.

Tonight I’ll be making stew. Yum.

K, bye for now. I’m going home early.



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