TerriFirma – The odyssey continues…

For a while now I’ve been thinking about what direction I want this blog to take. I don’t want it to be a lament about my non-existant love life or a angry commentary about all that annoys me.

I’ve also been missing writing my TerriFirma for the CapeTowner. so I decided that I could combine the two. Hence today’s title: TerriFirma – The odyssey continues…

It’s a way for me to stay accountable for where I’m at when it comes to all things health related. TerriFirma was essentially a series of columns following a 12-week weightloss and fitness clinic I attended at Dynamix gym in Cape Town. It was hard and sometimes difficult to write about – but I loved it.

I loved knowing that there were people out there reading about my experiences and finding things that they identified with. Never mind the fact that I lost around 15kgs on the Dynamix programme.

Anyway, what with work issues and all sorts of other stuff, I’ll be honest, I’ve let things slip a bit. I don’t go to gym nearly as often as I should and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t paid much attention to eating proper meals.

*sigh* It can be a bit crazy sometimes, functions and parties and getting home late to a snackwich instead of real food.

So, I’m going try to re-incarnate some of what TerriFirma was, here on this blog. I’ll still write about other stuff too, so this won’t just be a “oh I’m so fat I could cry” exercise. Never fear.

I’ll let that suffice as an intro and explanation.

Let the games begin.



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