TerriFirma – My nemesis

The stew was great, by the way. Really healthy, so easy and delicious. Better yet, there are leftovers for dinner tonight.


Along with the new resolve to eat better I’ve also decided that there’ll be no more of this once-a-week-gym-session nonsense. In my defense, that wasn’t because I figured that was all that was needed – it was because it’s winter and the prospect of getting out of bed is horrendous. Seriously, I lie in my bed with the doors and windows closed at night and I can still see my breath clouding in the ice cold air. And no, I’m not exaggerating – it’s that bad.


All that aside, however, I forced myself to get up this morning and schlepped out to my car and off to gym. Once I got there it felt great. It’s a 20 minute walk from where I park to gym, so I figure that’s good enough for a warm up. Then I did 20 minutes hard work on the cross trainer and another 20 minutes fast walk on the treadmill. After that I all but floated across the gym to the showers. The endorphin rush after a workout is amazing, it must be my favourite part of the whole performance.


As I headed for the showers they changed the CD, to that dratted song they use for The Biggest Loser. You know the one: What have you done today to make you feel proud? Quite. I’m glad there was no one else in the changing rooms to hear my sarcastic snort – by that time the endorphin rush had gone and I was hot and sticky and ravenous.


Despite that, I always feel really good about myself after a workout. Somehow though, that feeling isn’t anywhere in sight to remind me when it’s time to get up in the morning.


The nemesis in the title is none other than the scale at the gym. Never mind that it’s positioned right next to the circuit, it also weighs me 0.9kg heavier than at home. Although I have been doubting the accuracy of my home scale lately. I suspect the devious little bugger has been lying to me. Anyway, I weighed myself before my workout this morning and I think it’s best to just stick to the one scale. I’m not quite ready to share what it said – but I will share what I lose as I lose it. Fair’s fair, if you’re not going to be there half dying on the treadmill next to mine…


 As I left gym this morning, having convinced myself that I didn’t need the chicken mayo pumpkin seed roll from the bakery downstairs, I walked past the extractor fan – the gorgeous aroma of baking biscuits assaulted me. Yes, it grabbed me by the arm shook me around and damn near left me in a sobbing heap on the ground. I managed to claw myself over the Strand Buitengracht intersection anyway and up to work.


So all in all a successful day I think. Let’s see if I make it out of bed tomorrow again.




3 thoughts on “TerriFirma – My nemesis

  1. You’re a lot braver than me. I can’t even pluck up my courage to walk the dogs in the evenings in the dark like so many of the other residents in my area. Husband has now taken to sleeping with the window open. Brrrrrr…

  2. Said Husband is nuts! Sleeping with the window open? You poor poor thing. Time to invest in thermal pjs. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t walk around in the dark either – even if I was flanked by two large dogs. Unless they each had three heads, of course.

  3. nice…like the title…
    and the gym nemesia…nemesisia…. war….
    only cos i can relate but i left the gym alone this morning – figure yesterdays surfing lesson was enuff and my surf coach slash buddy gave me surf exercises to do at home so may get to those later

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