TerriFirma – The Cheesecake of Doom



Yes, I went to gym after work on Thursday before dinner, and yes, I worked really hard. And yes, I ate the duck.


It was delicious.


My friend and I had a lovely evening and they cleaned up around us as we sat and chatted long after our plates had been cleared. Felt a little bad as we left to find all the kitchen staff sitting around looking thoroughly bored if not a little grateful we’d finally decided to leave.


The idea of hitting the gym hard before a big meal like that is a good one. But then, I kind of went and sabotaged my own good efforts. On Friday night I went to see Kurt Schoonraad’s show Spiders and Mayonnaise at On Broadway, and after dinner I ordered the cheesecake. I’m not the world’s biggest cheesecake fan, but this – well, it’s a thing of beauty. I tried to tell myself I’d only eat half a slice, but somewhere behind that pathetic denial, I knew I would scoff the lot.


*sigh* and while we’re at it I should probably mention the Cosmopolitans I made and enjoyed last night at a friend’s house party.


So, all in all, it’s been a bit of a dismal weekend on the healthy decisions front.


What it basically means, is that tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off and I open my eyes just a crack to check the time, there will be no option of hitting the snooze button. It’ll be up and at ’em and off to the gym. And as I slouch miserably towards the treadmill I’ll remind myself of the Cheesecake of Doom.


I’m in the mood for a tasty stew again tonight, especially with all the rain we’ve been having. My garden resembles a marsh and since the landlord came and took all the gutters off – well, I have a permanent waterfall-effect. So something warm and wholesome will be perfect. I don’t have a fire to curl up in front of, but I’ll sit up against the wall heater and pretend.




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