TerriFirma – The Glitch



It’s been a week since I last wrote – and wow has it been a week. Picture this…


Monday morning my alarm goes off. I open one eye. It’s dark and the rain is pounding on my roof and I can just imagine the raging rivers coursing down the pathway next to my house. In a moment of complete bravery I clamber out of bed and, after a stand-up fight with myself, head off to gym. It’s a great work out and I’m impressed at my resolve.


Tuesday was my birthday. I decided that gym would not be a nice way to celebrate turning 29. It was a great day and I took cake to work etc.


Then I went out to dinner with my family. It was either food poisoning or the remnants of the flu I had a few weeks back – but at 2.30am I was up, erm, un-eating my birthday dinner. For a good few hours. I know, it’s horrible, but at least you weren’t there at the time.


Needless to say I took Wednesday off. My addled, miserable, sleep-deprived brain was quite adept at working out just how atrocious I felt and just how far the Ladies is from my desk. Despite running the risk of colleagues assuming I was nursing a birthday hangover I stayed in bed and managed to eat one slice of bread. So, obviously – no gym.


Thursday morning I woke up feeling a little better but still pretty grotty. I decided to skip gym again – for everyone’s sake – but I went to work. Probably not the wisest decision as I was still pretty queasy. Having to concentrate on staying upright is not really normal.


Anyway – enough complaining.


I eventually got my appetite back in time for tea at the Nellie on Saturday. It was fantastic. Too much coffee though, but I enjoyed every morsel. Rather distressed I only managed to fit in one scone – but I had enjoyed the little quiches and sarmies first.


In short, all my good gym intentions went a bit haywire last week. But I’m back on top form and will be there tomorrow morning.


Going grocery shopping in a bit. Run out of stuff like bread, milk and potatoes. I think I’ve managed to succeed in just buying what I need so far. Here’s to another frugal run around Pick n Pay.




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