Jeez woman, forgetting something?



This post isn’t so much about exercise or eating right, but it is about general health and common cleanliness.


There’s something that has always bothered me, but I’ve been noticing it more and more lately… women who don’t wash their hands after a visit to the loo. Yes, it’s horrible to think about – but it happens more often than you’d care to think.


And I’m talking women who really should know better. These are the same women who probably sterilize their baby’s dummies for eight hours if their little bundle of joy spits them onto the floor (which has probably only just been cleaned and polished by the maid). They freak about their kids eating snails or about the husband patting the dog and then hugging them. But why then, do some of them go to ladies room and waltz straight out, bypassing the basins?


A woman at gym on Monday morning (ah, there’s the fitness link!). Had a long conversation on her phone with the people who had installed her underfloor heating in the wrong place. Then she rang her husband and popped into a nearby cubicle (I won’t even go into the fact that she didn’t lock the door). She chatted to him while busy on the toilet, flushed and then walked straight past me and out to her car. I stood there horrified.


You’d think that, at the very least, the presence of a witness would urge her to even just splash a little water across her manicured fingers.


It happens at the gym, at work, in supermarkets – everywhere. Someone I know once commented that he didn’t like to touch the railing on escalators, I laughed at him. But looking at the behaviour of the general public, he may have a point.


It’s bad enough that people can cough all sorts of germs into your faces and not have the grace to apologise or even attempt to cover their mouths with their hands. But the idea of door handles, railings, pedestrian robot buttons… money!


When I was on holiday in London in 2006 I popped into a Burger King essentially because I had been jiggling on the tube and needed a loo that would most probably not be gross. As you walk into the restaurant there’s a wall with TV screens along it, I didn’t pay them much attention until I realized that they were CCTV images of the basins in the loos. So basically everyone could see who washed their hands and who didn’t. Really weird – but they must have been put there for a reason, right?


Incidentally while I was in there a homeless woman came in, went into a cubicle, left the door wide open, hitched her skirts up and “went”. She had a long chat to me while I was at the basin washing my hands.


Oh and, even she, a woman who has probably never even been into a building with underfloor heating, stopped for a moment to wash her hands.


2 thoughts on “Jeez woman, forgetting something?

  1. Thanks AlexM. I’ll write as often as possible. Checked out your blog, but Can’t read it unfortunately. Ah well, some great pics though.


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