TerriFirma – Kicking it up a Gear



For the past little while I’ve been feeling like I’m sitting at a threshold and just couldn’t force myself to stumble over it. It is so frustrating going to gym and not seeing the results on the scale. After much contemplation I decided the best thing to do would be to kick it up a gear.


I hate running. Really really hate running. If you’re shaped like me, running should involve all sorts of steel corsetry, reinforcements and the type of machinery you’d expect to find on a space shuttle. In fact, running is on a par with skipping – or anything else that involves bouncing or wobbling.


And yet it’s clear I need to add a little extra oomph into my workout in the morning. So as of last Wednesday I started to run on the treadmill at gym. Gone are the days of just “walking fast”. Now I head for the treadmill first and jog for a while, then walk fast, then jog again. I’m varying the intervals to make it a little less boring.


I’ve also loaded my iPod with some great music to run to. It really does make all the difference.


So yes, I’m feeling good and so terribly proud of myself. But, oh the agony after the first two days. My hip joints were very unimpressed with me. Thankfully the pain has worn off and after this morning’s stint I’m not uncomfortable. Granted, my intervals were a bit odd this morning on account of the fact that there was a fire in a neighbouring building, and well – firemen (need I say more?).


Oh and, the small good news is that since last Monday I’ve lost 0,6kg. I know that’s not a huge amount, but at least it’s something to make me smile and keep at it.




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