TerriFirma – Back to school, hold the Marmite


Isn’t it terrible, when at the end of the month (or even five days after payday) you look at your bank balance and all of your money has vanished? That’s been happening to me a lot lately – like for three years. And it’s been really freaking me out.


I’m making a concerted effort to save money and seeing it just vanish is not very nice.


Then I realized where it was going. Or at least, I have a theory about where it’s going. All those times I buy breakfast and lunch in town. I can easily spend between R30 and R50 on food in town a day. That has got to stop. Say we go with the least possible amount R30 – I’m essentially spending R150 a week and roughly R600 a month. Grief.


So today I brought a sandwich with me. I have effectively spent no money today (unless you count the petrol it took to get me here). And a cheese and Goldew* sandwich on low GI bread is actually a yummy lunch. Washed down with a cup of coffee and two green teas with mint, oh and water. Not only am I doing the financial safer thing but I’m not spending money on food that’s only going to make me put on more weight.


Granted, it’s only the first day, but I’m feeling pretty happy with myself.


Tonight I’ll make my sandwich for tomorrow, or even pack in some stuff to make a baked potato for lunch – now that’s a good idea. Yum.


It’s time to teach my body that I don’t need R30 butternut soup, lasagna, pie, wrap, pasta for lunch. A simple sandwich will suffice – like back in the good old days of school. But you won’t catch me making marmite or peanut butter sarmies.



* They’re the new yellow fruit from the people who brought us Peppadews. Yum. A more sweet and sour taste, with less of a bite.


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