Doing it Igor thstyle!


It’s done. I’ve signed up as an organ donor. Well, actually I have to wait for the pack to arrive in the post, but essentially it’s done.


And it was laughably easy as well. Here’s what you have to do…


Call the Organ Donor Foundation of SA on 0800 22 66 11.


Then the nice person on the other end of the phone will ask for your details. Name, address, contact numbers. Then they’ll post you the info pack. In it will be all the information you need about being an organ donor, a sticker for your ID book and one for your driver’s licence, a card which you’ll need to fill in and keep with you, and a letter with your ODF reference number.


If you’ve run out of free minutes or have already abused your office phone beyond what is humanly decent, then you can visit and register that way.


It’s probably a good idea to chat to your family before hand and let them know what you’ve decided to do. I’ve already told mine and they’re fine with it. That way, if anything should happen and I prematurely shuffle off this mortal coil, my family knows what I would have wanted and can sign the consent forms without any fuss or deliberation.




2 thoughts on “Doing it Igor thstyle!

  1. Awesome stuff! Yeah, they really do make it easy – to such an extent that I only realised how difficult they *could* make it after a run in with the blood bank last week, but that is a story for another day. On a side note, this may interest you too: – it is only a day’s work to join the bone marrow registry and they will pay for your testing and addition to the database if you’re in a tight spot. Its a good cause so we were happy to pay for our own tests.

  2. Thanks Sam. I’ll check out the Sunflower Fund’s site. I’m a blood donor as well, but the last time I wnet my iron levels were too low. They told me to come back in 6 months. It’s almost time. Better start eating huge chunks for red meat served on beds of spinach.


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