TerriFirma – Finger-lickin’ busted


Don’t you just love how the Universe conspires against us?


The other night I was wandering around the Waterfront in search of dinner after having watched the press screening of Hansie. I walked past all of the fast food joints and eventually decided that I wanted KFC. I haven’t had a Zinger Tower rounder for ages, and it appealed more than Steers at the time.


So I’m sitting there, at the tables outside, nibbling on the not-so-nice chips, when I hear this voice heading my way saying: “I caught you, I caught you!”


I looked up with what must have been a “What the hell?” expression, to see one of the trainers from my gym standing there with his friend. Cringe! Of all the people to spot me munching such terribly unhealthy dinner it would be him. And he’s been really keen to get actively involved in my fitness campaign too. I’ve done one or two sessions with him and he’s really a no-nonsense sort of guy. In fact, his workouts are so intense one of them rendered me unable to walk for four days afterwards.


I have no doubt that my protestations about being sick for two weeks and about not eating KFC all the time seemed pitiful. Turns out he was hanging around at the Waterfront to meet up with some other guys – none other than the other trainers and the owner of my gym.


Needless to say, the appeal of eating my KFC at the Waterfront had vanished as quickly as the seagulls scatter before a hyper-active four year old. So we chatted for a while and then I vanished before the others arrived. Oh I have no doubt they know all about it, and I’m half expecting the trainer to give me a wicked knowing smile as I head for the cross-trainer tomorrow morning, but hey, at least I’m still going to gym.


Now I just need to force myself back into a routine. I’ve been oversleeping the past little while. Waking up with a fright after 7am and then having to get dressed and out the house in a matter of minutes just so that I can find a parking space in town.


Anyone have any tips on how to really get motivated?




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