TerriFirma – Little by little

Some fantastic news.


Okay, some “marginally good” news.


I went to gym yesterday morning and it would appear I have lost 1kg since last Monday. So, despite KFC and sleeping in I’ve managed to keep roughly on track. I was a very happy person, despite the prospect of having a workout looming ahead of me.


Did 20 minutes brisk incline walk on the treadmill – which went fine. Then moved over to the bicycle for 20 minutes. I swear time actually slows down when I’m on the bike. It crawls by. After 5 minutes I felt like I’d been going for half an hour. I’m sure that the seconds only tick past while I’m watching them. When I look away they freeze, or possibly go backwards.


After that I moved over to the rowing machine for a while. I enjoy the rowing machine – I like the feeling of resistance and then the hushed whirrrrrr of the wheel. Listen, you’ve got to let me have these small moments of happiness if I’m going to have to keep at the gym thing. They may be really silly in retrospect, but at least they stop me from taking one look at the stairs up to the gym and going to Wimpy for a sunrise breakfast instead.


Another of my little pleasures when it comes to gym is the shower afterwards. I don’t have a shower at my house – just a bath. So the prospect of a nice hot shower after a workout is a great one. And, while I’m not completely ridiculous about it, I don’t freak out trying to take a 6 second shower. When I’m there I have usually have the change room all to myself. Yes, yes, there’s always the environment to consider, but besides my showers I usually use water sparingly.


Back to my “marginally good” news… Over the past few weeks I’ve had a few people telling me that I’ve been looking good and asking if I’m losing weight. My standard reaction is “Oh, I wish. I’m feeling like such a blob at the moment!”


My mother tells me that I should just learn to say “thank you”. So I’ve been trying – it’s not all that simple. After this morning’s small victory maybe it’ll be easier.




PS On Sunday night I was bored and so I made cupcakes. But don’t worry, I didn’t eat them all myself. I gave most of them to my friends. Most of the joy behind baking (for me) is actually doing it and having other people enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “TerriFirma – Little by little

  1. Oh dear. I gave them to friends at work. Tell you what, I’ll bake some specially for when we get together for tea. The batch makes 20 – I’ll bring them all as penance. 🙂


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