Gourmet sarmie?

I’ve been hopeless when it comes to gym and eating well for the past three weeks. Well, maybe not hopeless, but I’ve been ignoring that little voice which tells me to get up in time for gym and stop being so lazy and for God’s sake put the chocolate back on the shelf and back away slowly.


Yes, it’s been a rough few weeks. Thing is I come up with some fabulous excuses, which I’ll spare you – but they’re the sort we’ve all dreamt up millions of times before.


This may sound nuts, but I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to make a concerted effort. Nuts, because Christmas is lurking just around the corner with all its puddings, roast potatoes, sweets, chocolates, mince pies and and and. But maybe that’s what I need, a real challenge.


Thing is, the past few weeks I’ve been merrily telling myself, ahh it’s just a week, that’s  all, next week you can go back to gym. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t remember me when I arrive tomorrow morning.


I’ve also decided that I need to stay away from the office canteen. Seriously. The food may well be cheap, but they use loads of oil, the starchy things are the nicest and the portion sizes are just silly. I end up not having the right balanced amounts of things.


A friend brought me gourmet sandwiches from the home two days last week and it opened my eyes to what lunch at work could be. So on Friday I popped into the grocery store and bought all the ingredients to make tasty lunches that weren’t all that unhealthy and would leave me satisfied.


I’d tried bringing lunch to work, but then it was usually just a cheese sandwich with a bit of ground pepper. Meh. And then, less than and hour later, I’d be standing in front of the vending machine with all my coins eyeing a packet of Nik Naks.


But Bianca’s sarmies were delicious and left me feeling as though I’d actually eaten something substantial.


Today I brought a low GI seed loaf sandwich with salami, camembert, rocket and a dash of sweet chilli sauce. It was gorgeous and I am sated. No need to pop up to the canteen for anything else. And in the long run it’ll work out cheaper.


Gym tomorrow is going to be hard. I know it is. But I also know that I MUST go.




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