Yes, I’ve made resolutions

Happy new year and all that.

Last year I fervently believed that I hadn’t made any resolutions. But we always do make them, don’t we? We deny it outright, but deep down inside we have that ominous list.  So this year I have relented and actually made some. Well, two really.

First: To take better care of myself.
Second: To be even less wasteful.

Lemme explain…

1. Taking better care of myself.

I figured that every year, after gorging ourselves stupid on mince pies, roast lamb and potatoes, we vow to go on diet and lose 20kgs. And it almost always ends in tears. This year I’ve decided that there’s a lot more to me than just needing to lose weight. So yes, this resolution does involve losing weight, but it also involves stuff like doing my nails, my hair, wearing nice clothes, getting more sleep and actually taking time to just spoil myself when I need it. I spend so much time running around for work and stuff that when I do have spare time I end up doing house hold stuff. This year I want to use that space to do things I enjoy. I want to have more fun. I think it’ll lead to a happier me.

2. Being less wasteful.

I already recycle and I even bury all my organic waste in the garden. As a result the amount of rubbish I send to the landfill is considerably paltry. But I figure I can do even better. I’m going to really start paying attention to the packaging my shopping is in. Yes, I can recycle all that plastic, but wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t buy the stuff in plastic to begin with? This “being less wasteful” idea applies to things like water, electricity, petrol and money as well.

So, those are my two resolutions. They cover a lot of ground, but they’re also fairly open ended so I should be able to achieve them even if it’s only by driving a few less kilometres or filing and painting my nails every other day.

I think it’s going to be a great year.

Have you made any resolutions?



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