I need coffee, lots of coffee

While the idea of a full calendar year lease may seem like a sensible one, it is, in fact, not.

My new lease is from January 1 to December 31. Sounds convenient? Let’s look a little closer.

Ever tried to get anyone to do anything for you on January 1? I’ve phoned a bunch of moving companies and most of them only start working on January 4. So I’m kind of stuck.

And seeing as how I’ve got quite a lot to move, using an actual moving company who’ll do it for me in one go is the best bet. Besides, I can’t really picture myself lugging my fridge up the stairs, never mind two futons.

The logical thing would be to then just move in on January 4 or 5, not so? Weeeell, no, not really. Seeing as how I’ve given notice at my current place and have to move out on December 31. Rats.

This calls for some creative thinking on my part.

Ugh, I’m gonna need a lot of coffee for this one.


2 thoughts on “I need coffee, lots of coffee

  1. Thanks Barbara. Yep, I’m all settled in my new place. And yes, I had loads of help, thank goodness. Otherwise I’d be a snivelling wreck surrounded by boxes and piles of stuff.

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