Mwu ha ha ha ha

Success! I repellanted (it’s a word because I say it is) the spindly little legs off that mosquito last night.

After work I stopped in at the local supermarket*. It took me an age to find the insect stuff, but when I did I was spoilt for choice. There was an impressive array of sprays, tablets, creams and dispensers. I wasn’t interested in spray, I wanted the lazy option. Something that would do the work for me while I slept. I wanted the genocide to happen while I was blissfully unaware. Or, wait, not genocide really, that’s a bit drastic. But I wanted the nasty little insects to be kept at bay without me having to stand at the ready with the can of spray into the wee hours.

So I picked one of those plug things where all you have to do is flick the switch and check the light is on. And a stick of Peaceful Sleep, just to be sure.

Dear readers, I slept soooo well last night. Not quite like a baby, seeing as how I didn’t wake up every two hours crying and with a wet nappy. But man it was a great sleep. I dozed off a little after 9.30pm and before I knew it the sun was shining in through my window. I’m almost tempted to build a shrine around my Mozzie Plug.

You remember Perfect Strangers? Well I think this is one of those moments when The Dance of Joy is perfectly acceptable.

* Which just attests to quite how desperate I was. It’s a horrible supermarket. The most cramped, illogical layout imaginable with diddly squat in the way of parking. Thank you, but I’d rather drive a little further to be able to shop without feeling like I’m on the verge of a brain hemorrhage.


2 thoughts on “Mwu ha ha ha ha

  1. I hate it when people correct other people when the latter said “slept like a baby” by stating that babies wake up every two hours crying and with a wet nappy. Why you ask? Cause technically when a baby wakes up he/she is not sleeping anymore. So when one says “slept like a baby” one would mean one sleeps like a baby sleeps when a baby is actually asleep, which I guess is peaceful?

  2. Ah, okay. Point taken. Let’s changed it to “I had uninterrupted sleep. Unlike a baby who wakes every few hours.”

    *sigh* Whatever. I slept soundly. 🙂

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