Gnats and Pink Flamingoes

This morning I took a stroll down to work from my lovely new home. Yes, even though it’s fast heading for a month, it’s still new.

It was a great walk, except for the part where my slip slop gave me a blister.
I’ve had a new mantra all day. “Your car is not at the garage. Your car is not at the garage. Your car is not…” Laugh if you must, but there’s a very real possibility that even after writing this post I’ll catch the office shuttle up to the company garage and promptly have a heart attack standing in the space where my car should be parked.

Attention span of a gnat.

Actually, today I should be safe. Boyfriend person is coming into town and we’re attending the launch of a new cinema, The Pink Flamingo 2, and then he’ll drop me at home afterwards. Provided, of course, that he isn’t completely horrified that he’ll have finally sat through the cult film Withnail and I.

Wait, to be fair, it’s not like he’s opposed to the idea. It’s just that, well, it’s the only DVD in my not-so-huge collection that he has managed to avoid.

It should be a great evening. The cinema is in The Grand Daddy hotel in Long Street. It’s the arty incarnation of the open air cinema, The Pink Flamingo, in the Airstream Trailer Park on the roof of the hotel. It’s all rather fabulous.

If you haven’t popped by, you really should. Oh, and make sure you grab a cocktail at Boo Radley’s downstairs as well.


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