Pity Party

It’s such a pity when a party doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Boyfriend person and I went off to a work-related bash the other night. The function was a launch party for an upcoming event and we were promised an extravagant evening for which the organizers had “gone all out”.

So off we went, a spring in our step and great expectations. It all started off promisingly enough. The hostesses looked marvelous, and the magician slash comedian was suitably funny and creepy. But once we were inside and settled on the comfy couches in an alcove, the hostesses were herded together and dismissed.

The DJs were horrible, playing music which had absolutely nothing to do with the theme, with jarring gaps between songs.

I don’t think they had half the turn-out they’d expected and apart from an impressive ice sculpture and a nice colour scheme there wasn’t really much else to the party.

They had a couple of guest performers who were breathtaking, but the gaps between appearances were far too long. And unless you were drunk and willing to crank up your own party, boredom arrived quickly.

Now, I’m not an events coordinator or party planner, but there are a few things I’d have done differently.

Use a smaller venue, even if it means that if all your guests show it’ll be a bit of a crush. There’s nothing like a bit of forced intimacy to get things heated up. Speaking of heating things up – I’d have used the sexy hostesses as the waiters, and had them walking around with drinks.

The performers should have been dotted around the venue, and not on stage at the front. And the magician should have spread his tricks around instead of performing his entire repertoire for four random people over in a corner.

Oh, and the snacks could seriously have matched the theme. Also it would have been great if the waiters had actually been told what was on their platters. I’m afraid “mumble mumble cough croak” wasn’t enough to let my veggie friends know whether what they were looking at was of the meat persuasion or not, and let’s not even go into the ramifications for anyone with a fish allergy.

There was so much scope for this party, and I’m afraid the organizers relied on the pull of the event they were launching to draw the crowds and make their party successful.

We left early, and so did our veggie friends.

It really is a pity. The good thing is, however, the event they were launching IS going to be awesome and for that, the people will come – in droves.


2 thoughts on “Pity Party

  1. Nope, unfortunately not. *sigh* I’ve chatted to a few of the other people who were there that night and they too were not all that impressed.

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