Gourmet giggles

It’s taken me two days to recover from the awesomeness that was Monday night – and I still have leftovers.

Bianca and I attended a class with Jenny “the Giggling Gourmet” Morris at her new kitchen/classroom in Greenpoint, and ohmigosh it was amazing. The whole evening was simply superb. We made a delicious (and healthy) broth with pork and Asian veg, fantastic roast potatoes, roast chicken, roast pork belly, green beans with chilli, egg fried rice and pears poached in red wine and served in little pastry cases.

I was most impressed with my pork. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m not a big fan of chunks of meat. In fact, I’ve never even attempted to make a steak before, let alone actually order one when I go out for dinner. So I was a little nervous about the prospect of being given a prime cut of pork belly to learn on.

Thing is, Jenny makes it so much fun and the whole vibe in her kitchen is just so relaxed, that even when I freaked out because I’d “broken” mine she appeared at my side and convinced me all was not lost. Scraping off the spices I’d accidentally smeared all over the top of the pork, I salted it generously and popped it in the oven – turning my attention to the pears at my station which needed peeling and popping into the bubbling red wine and spices mix on the stove.

While Bianca and I laughed, cooked, drank wine and generally made a mess I tried to decide what in my lifestyle I could cut out to enable me to join her class every Monday. It’s at times like these that I wish I were a smoker – so I could quit and use the extra cash for classes.

Jenny encourages hands-on cooking. There’s no light sprinkling of salt between dainty fingertips and no carefully measured olive oil. Think “lashings”. That’s the kind of cooking I enjoy. And the great thing is, she doesn’t just encourage it – it’s expected.

I will certainly be back for seconds (and yes, most likely thirds). Right now, however, there’s some leftover pork belly waiting for me in my fridge.

If you want to find out more about the Giggling Gourmet courses (and I know you do) either give them a Google, or call 021 425 3000.

There’s a risotto week coming up which also involves the perfect Crème Brulee and gosh darn it I can’t wait!


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