Got myself connected

Well, I finally have internet at home. So perhaps (and I say perhaps with a hint of caution) I’ll blog more often.

As I type I’m looking out over the city. It’s so beautiful at night. It’s already been four and a half months, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying my new home. I feel so lucky to be staying here, which is weird because I’m PAYING to be staying here. Oh how I’m paying. But ja, I guess I still feel kind of lucky.

So here’s the thing about this internet business. I’ve been frustrated for months about my lack of access to the net at home. Work has blocked just about everything, so for anything other than the odd web comic, my usual internet habit has been limited to when I’m visiting my parents, or braving that dodgy little internet café down the road from the office*.

I built up the whole idea of having internet at home into a marvelous thing of epic proportions. Well, once I’d checked my Facebook once, I was like “Riiiight, what now?”

I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be downloading pictures of scantily clad men (or women for that matter), I’ve never fancied myself much of a pirate and I don’t have the patience for online games (thank goodness cos I really don’t think I have the time either).

But looking at how technology usually gets its claws in, I’m guessing that if you threaten to take my 3G away in a few weeks time I’ll freak out. Let’s see.

*But at R5 an hour I think even the most precious of souls would put up with the slight stickiness.


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