Step by step

I walked four kilometers this morning and I’m feeling pretty damn pleased with myself. Granted, three of them were inside in the gym and the other one was a brisk trot down to the office from the garage, but that’s four more than I would have walked otherwise.

The run-10-kilometres-in-12-weeks plan has been shelved for now. But I’m okay with that, really. I was all gung-ho until the session where I failed miserably at what the programme asked of me. Then I hid. And then I got lazy. And then I got sick.

I have a few other fitness ideas up my gym t-shirt sleeve, but for now I’ll stick with the basics. Especially since it’s really starting to get cold and I don’t want to jump in with all my might only to freeze before I’ve even made it through the studio door. For now the treadmill and I will become good friends.

What I like about my gym is that depending on what time I get there, I can have the entire place to myself. This morning I gave myself a running pep talk all the way through my workout and it was good. There was no-one to give me skew looks and edge carefully away from me in the direction of the front desk. Just me and my crazy, muttering and ever-so-slightly-insane laughter.

Oh don’t go pretending you never talk to yourself. You know you do. Hey, at least I don’t sing my way through day-to-day activities like some people out there.

I guess you could say that I’m feeling inspired lately. And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that the calories have to win. Oh it’s much easier to just surrender and let them give you a good kicking, yes – but I don’t have to. So I’m trying my damndest not to give up.

Now if only the coffee shops around my work would do the right thing and stop making delicious hot chocolate and equally evil chocolate croissants.


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