More bass?

There’s something about crawling into a tent, zipping it closed and feeling as though you’re in your own little private world while the world rages on outside. Provided you a have a decent blow up mattress, plenty of blanket and earplugs.

Check – check – and check.

Boyfriend Person and I spent this past weekend at Earthdance out at Nekkies Resort (near Worcester).

It was our first ever trance party weekend-thing and I had very high expectations. While we had a super time, I must admit I was a teeny bit disappointed. I really expected it to be a lot more hardcore. I wanted wall-to-wall freaks and weirdos. There probably weren’t more than a dozen. The thousands of people were mainly made up of normal people (and the obligatory teens who couldn’t hold their drink and went so wild on other substances that by 7pm on Friday night they were lying sprawled unconscious all over the campsites). Tragic, really.

But apart from that, it was a fantastic weekend. Three dance floors each playing a different kind of music. We were camped up behind the pool, meters from the dancefloor where the programme was comprised of DJs who believe that bass is the main ingredient of good trance music. Strangely it was louder at our tent than it was on the actual dancefloor itself.

The market area was fun with everything from a chill-out smoking zone with hubblies, to an icecream van, veggie food and pizza. Oh, and the clothes! Such gorgeous things. Bright colours, flowing material… all designed to fit an anorexic 12 year old.

We ate a million hotdogs between us (easiest food to take along), drank box wine out of a squeazy bottle (I know, the epitome of class and good-breeding) and even braved the showers where there was only one tap – a cold one.

It was fun. And I’m definitely game for Ramfest next year. Swap the tripped-out hippies for some (hopefully) hard-core metal heads.

See you there?


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