Carefully now

This is going to be a month of very careful budgeting. I’m talking only spending the bare minimum, and jettisoning a few things that aren’t necessary.

I started that process this past month already with my grocery list. I wrote up everything I needed, then went through the list and crossed off the things that I didn’t really really need. It sucked a little. But if I’m honest I’ll admit that I’m glad I did, cos otherwise I would have been in an even more tricky situation than I was a few days ago.

For the curious among you: the things I crossed off were cracker bread and cream cheese, avos, risotto rice, butter, parmesan, packet pasta etc.

All the stuff that would have been nice, but wasn’t actually necessary. The cool thing is that I managed to do a big enough shop (and for quite a reasonable price) that everything lasted me until payday, with a few leftovers. So my shop this month should be a little less. Obviously things like bread milk and eggs I buy as and when I need them. But I’m talking veggies, pasta, rice, chicken – all that kind of stuff.

Speaking of food – Boyfriend Person and I made delicious sweet and sour chicken on Friday afternoon. We used a recipe given to us by our friend Rosh, from this great Indian cookbook. So much yumminess. We added some potato slices (which could have cooked for a touch longer) to the dish and made rice to accompany it.

It’s fun cooking together. Especially when we’re tackling a recipe neither of us have tried before. And we have loads of those lined up and waiting. I have my eye on a delicious looking chicken and leek pie.


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