Mmmm – doughnuts.

I think I should begin by saying oh-my-gosh-yum.

That recipe is a winner. Thank you, once again, internet. There’s a plate of delicious mini doughnuts in the kitchen, dedicated to you.

It’s quite a simple recipe and took me just about no time to whip up. In fact, I think shooting the photos took longer. The part which did give me a little trouble was putting the right amount of mixture into the doughnut maker and trying not to cover the “hole”. But I’m rather chuffed to announce there were only two flops (promptly gobbled up by me – eat the evidence).

The raw mixture is also really tasty – so if you’re watching the calories yourself I’d suggest make this when there’s another body around to lick the bowl and beater pieces. And if you’re all alone (ahem, like I was this afternoon) lick them anyway and tell yourself that by not frying them in oil you’ve saved up some spare calorie-points anyway, so it’s fine – really, it is. Please?

If you decide to give this recipe a bash – remember that since they are not fried, they won’t be exactly the same as the doughnuts you buy in shops. They have more of a cakey texture and taste. But they’re still great.

I’ve munched a few of them so far, the rest will be going to work with me tomorrow – if they’re not stale.

Oh and, just in case you’re concerned that maybe my tastebuds are broken – I did get a second, third and fourth opinion, from my landlords and their family who were making such a row outside on the walkway I decided there was nothing for it than to go shut them up with something yum. Their verdict, after scoffing down a few – delicious! Also, I managed to score a bunch of doughnut points* with them. Everyone goes home a winner.

1 ½ cups flour
½ cup castor sugar
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
Pinch of salt
125g marge
1 egg
¾ cup milk

Mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large bowl.

Add softened marge, egg and milk and beat with an electric mixer…

Until smooth, thick and creamy.

Then spoon the mixture bit by bit into your preheated mini doughnut maker.

And cook until golden and soft to the touch.

I then squished mine around in cinnamon sugar. Although I reckon they’d be fantastic dipped in, or drizzled with, melted chocolate as well.

*Like brownie points – only a touch more valuable.


4 thoughts on “Mmmm – doughnuts.

  1. Oooh… those look yummy.

    Where do you get a mini doughnut maker? Are they readily available?

    We host teas fairly often so I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting baked goodies to experiment with. Tried a recipe for chocolate cake with beetroot last time that was unbelievable. (Yes, I know it sounds seriously odd, but it was amazing).

  2. My mom bought it at Clicks – it’s a Safeway appliance. When I was looking for the recipe a few of the suggested ones for electric mini doughnut makers came from people in Australia, as well as the UK and US, so I’m sure you’ll find one somewhere.

    Chocolate cake with beetroot,hmm? I’d love to try that sometime.

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