This could get sticky

In a little while I will pack up and go home. Leave the work day happily behind and head off to a chilled evening. But I thought I should warn you, because once I get home I shall be whipping out the mini doughnut maker my mom gave me as a gift and giving it a test run.

I’ve managed to find what I suspect is a good recipe and I’m going to give it a whirl.

And seeing as how none of you will be there while I make them, I think I’ll take some pics and let you live vicariously (without the calories) later. That is, of course, completely reliant on whether they work or not. If you don’t see a blog post about them at some time in the near future, then let’s all be polite and say nothing more on the subject…

I’m really hoping they will work though – cos I’m very keen to make some for Boyfriend Person and I next weekend. But because I’m going with a recipe I downloaded from the millionth website I tried (my manual was missing from the box) I’d rather try it out before getting his hopes up only to result in us eating gooey half-raw mixture with a spoon because “something” wasn’t quite right.

Internet, don’t fail me now.


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