Something old into something new

The name’s Bag, Jean Bag.

I hate throwing stuff away. Especially stuff which I’m convinced can be re-used in some way. Obviously when it comes to clothes I donate them to someone who needs them – IF they’re in good condition. But usually I wear my jeans until they really need to be tossed.

So they generally lie around in my cupboad for months until I eventually chuck them out. Well, this time, bitten by the creative bug, I decided to do something with my latest pair.

Out came the needle and thread and scissors. I don’t have a sewing machine, so it all had to be done by hand. And my sewing is not all that fabulous. The great thing is that the project didn’t really call for neat sewing.

Over the course of an evening, I turned these:

Into this:

A weird little bag. It needs a few alterations, cos I didn’t think about the fact that using the zip mouth as the only opening would mean that it wouldn’t be possible to slip my notebook into the bag. But besides that, it was a fun project. Challenging enough* to make me feel like it was quite an accomplishment.

I’m working on a few other creative things which I’ll share as soon as they’re done.

* The zip mouth was so much more difficult than I expected. And sewing the strap took aaaages.


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