Spending the night with a headache (Myprodol at 2.30am isn’t as much fun as it may initially sound) and waking up with the same headache, just a little more demanding because you tried your utmost to ignore it all night, is not recommended.

Trust me, I tried.

While I sat at work, peaked cap shading my aching eyes from the brutality of the fluorescent tubes, and my screen brightness turned down as far as possible, I remembered a chat I’d had with my friend Mel last night. We’d been talking about drinking enough water.

Which I don’t do. Ever. Now I KNOW how important it is, and there’s a water cooler just on the other side of the newsroom. But I often find myself getting so sidetracked by that annoying little thing called work, that I forget to go fetch water. I used to have a 500ml bottle at my desk, which I’d fill occasionally. But then someone stole it. Please, don’t ask. They steal the most random things from my desk at work.

Mel suggested I try what she does. Keep a 1.5litre bottle of water at my desk. So, when I got home from a fantastic dinner with her I rummaged around in the recycling pile and found a 1.5litre bottle which I washed and packed in my bag for today. Because, in all honesty, this abominable headache could have been conjured up by dehydration.

Guess what Internet… I drank 3 litres of water today. THREE!

And, and I didn’t have to force it down. It just happened. Wow. Thanks Mel – for your fantastic advice.

Oh, and I’ve locked the empty bottle away in my desk so that it’ll still be there when I get to the office tomorrow.

The one annoying thing is that I think I took more trips to the ladies today than I usually would in three days. (Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but you get the idea.)


2 thoughts on “Waterlogged

  1. Just make sure not to cross over into water poisoning. And no I dont mean from drinking South African water, It is possible believe it or not to poison oneself with water. And it is potentially fatal to have too much water.

    • Thanks Craig – I’d heard that too before. But not to worry – I suspect the three litres was probably because my body was like a kid on Christmas morning. It had waited so long to be given some water that it just couldn’t get enough. I’ll aim to drink one bottle a day for now.

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