Operation Detox – The first five days

Carrot - the other Bar One.

I’ve never be big on hectic dieting and completely giving up the things I enjoy. To be honest I’ve never really ever managed to give something up for Lent. Yeah, I know, I’m not Catholic, but it always seems like such a good idea. However, I’m very supportive of other people who do. I love getting progress reports and living vicariously through them.

So when Fiancé Person said that he was going to detox for three months I was ready to be right there behind him cheering him on. I even said that he should let me know what he wanted me to cook when we are together.

Ummm, yes. Turns out he’s not doing it alone… we’re doing it together. After a second of horror I warmed up to the idea. It can only be a good thing, right? With all sorts of great results… right?

Lemme explain a little more. It’s not the kind of health freak detox which sees you nibbling nothing but celery and wheatgrass day and night. It’s one that, with a little discipline, can be a piece of cake (so to speak).

We’ve cut out alcohol, caffeine, take aways/fast food, sweets, chocolates, chips, anything with loads of sugar and fizzy soft drinks.

Today was Day 5, and so far so good. I’m also pleased to announce that we survived our first weekend, which contained a braai, a lunch at Spur and a dinner party. So I’m feeling pretty chuffed with us. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to put those pom poms away. Instead of alcohol we opted for fruit juice and water, and at Spur we had grilled chicken breasts with rice and veggies instead of chips and onion rings. I tried not to look at our friends’ plates. Food envy is a horrible thing. Thank goodness for the basting sauce… it still tasted like good ol’ Spur.

Honestly, it’s taking some concentration on my part to remember what we’re doing. So when I’m offered a milkshake or a hot chocolate I have to pause for a second and then opt rather for a rooibos tea, or glass of water. But I think it’s getting easier. However, I still don’t like lingering too long in temptation aisle at the shops and walking past a fast food joint makes me whimper. But each time it gets easier.

So, five days down and … rather a lot to go. But I’m feeling good about this decision. Granted, I’ve just eaten a glorious chicken and veg stew and there’re no temptations anywhere in sight. We’ll really see how strong I am tomorrow afternoon when the pavement boerewors lady outside my office is doing a roaring lunchtime trade.


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