Sprouts v Jellytots – The battle continues


Tomorrow marks three weeks of Operation Detox and so far I think we’re doing pretty well. I probably should have weighed myself and taken my measurements before started, but it’s a little late for that now, so I’ll be doing it at the end of this month and then at the end of July and August as well.

During the past three weeks I have had some pitiful moments, I won’t lie. More than once I found myself having to fight an impulse to take a turn past McDonalds and yes, I even caught myself lovingly fondling a packet of Jelly Tots in Temptation Aisle at Clicks. Not my finest moment internet, not by a long shot.

But I was strong and I didn’t buckle.

As I type, there are two little blue gift bags sitting in the breakfast nook with two boxes of Smarties and two Cadburys Crunchies given to us in innocence by someone who had no idea the size of the carrot (cake) they were dangling before me. While they sometimes call to me in their devious little saccharine voices I am ignoring them. They will we savoured as a treat only when we have finished the three months, and even then, slowly and with consideration for the complete anarchy they could represent if I don’t keep a firm grip on myself. Seriously- think of every frenzied kids cartoons you’ve seen recently, roll them all up into a ball of mayhem and toss in a few tequilas for good measure and that’d be me if I simply allowed myself to tumble spectacularly from the wagon.

No, this has to be done carefully. Fiancé person and I have been chatting a bit about what happens after the three months. Do we simply go back to how we were before? Do we carry on for another three months (hell no) or do we find a happy medium? I’ll take option C, please Jeremy. And yes, that’s my final answer.

I think we’ll probably end up doing it a little differently, but I’ll probably do things like only have take-aways once a month or every three weeks). No sweets and chips and stuff on weekdays, and only in moderation on weekends.

But we’ve still a little over two months to work out the finer points of the plan. While I don’t have any clue how the past three weeks have affected me physically as far as the scale or tape measure are concerned, I can say that I’m feeling good and pretty chuffed with how well I’m doing. I seem to be waking up a little easier (please note, I’m still not a bright eyed, bushy tailed morning person, but I’m getting there bit by bit).

I’m also having some fun with new recipes. I’m being helped along largely by the fact that I’m moving in a little over a week and I don’t want to have to buy any new groceries before then. So I’m gradually using up what I happen to have already.


I had NO IDEA this was how brussel sprouts grow, NONE!

Tonight I made a tasty pasta with mushrooms and brussel sprouts (of all things). I also discovered that there are two gem squashes rolling around in the bottom of the fridge behind the carrots. They’ll be great for tomorrow night – I just have to have a look what else I have knocking about to accompany them


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