Being thankful

There’s this blog I’ve been following for quite sometime now. Over the years, the writer has shared heaps of herself as well as inspired others to take a look at themselves. From really impressive Lenten endeavours, to To-Do lists to rival all others – it’s been one of my favourite places to stop by – even though we’ve never met.

You should totally go check out Little Loft Large Life here

One of her projects, which she is revisiting this November was inspired by a friend who found herself dealing with some pretty tough issues and decided that instead of letting the negative weigh her down she would find and celebrate the things in her life that she was thankful for. You can read her story here

Taking a page out of these inspirational ladies’ books/blogs – I’ve decided to join in. I am, however a little late to the party… but I’m sure that’s okay.

What are you thankful for?


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