Divine Hell – Limbo

A Twitter friend brought this great mini-project to my attention, courtesy of Antimony over at Thoughts, Musings and Broken Promises. I was too late to sign up officially, but I thought I’d play along anyway.

Basically over five days a bunch of bloggers will be writing drabbles (150 word pieces) on themes taken from Dante’s Inferno.

If you want to check it out youself, just mosey on over here.

First up is Limbo – and here’s my drabble.

Her faded shoes scuffed against the polished floor and she swallowed, tongue sticking to the inside of her dry mouth. Too afraid to look around she stared at the dangling lace trailing to the ground. Finally risking a glass she caught the eye of a severe woman sitting a few metres away.

White-knuckled hands twisted in her lap. At least she wasn’t alone. She could see them in the periphery. They seemed as nervous as her. It wasn’t so much the fear of what was to come, it was the waiting. The endless uncertainty.

It wasn’t too late to escape. She could get up now and slowly slip away. A lifetime of possible pain was a small price to pay for her freedom.

Keeping her head down she prised herself from the chair and swiftly plotted the path to liberty.

“Miss Sanchez.” She froze. “The dentist will see you now.”


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