Divine Hell – Heresy

I’ve tried everything. But no matter how far and hard I push they smile benignly and shuffle past. I really think they’re taking the whole turn the other cheek thing a smidgen too far.


So while they’re working on their peaceful postures I’m plotting. There must be a button hidden somewhere among the relics and saints and sacraments. A button I can push hard enough to set something off. To get them riled up. Then we’ll see what they’re made of. End this game of holier-than-thou charades.


I’ll find it, and I’ll push it. No –  obliterate it completely. They honestly won’t know what hit them. And then I’ll sit back and watch the excitement.


Because that’s what this place is missing. It’s all serene smiles and hushed prayers. Where’s the fire? The passion that called them here in the first place.


What’s really needed here is some holy heresy.


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