A comic first

Today I attended my first ever Free Comic Book Day. I suspect I was waaaay too excited, but whatever. Just because I’m 32 doesn’t mean I can’t get a little hyped every now and then.

The plan was to dress up, but after some rather depressing consultation with Uncle Google about superheroes that are a little, erm, “larger than life” shall we say, I decided I’d have to come up with another plan. (It was either that or go as Little Lotta, ahem, yes).

So yesterday I hit my favourite supplies store and bought a few bags of polystyrene balls and two plastic hats and set to work making my man and I some comic-themed headgear. I had a fantastic time playing and painting and glueing. There was much squeeeing with each step as I fell more in love with my silly little characters.

Here’s a progress shot:

Heads and bodies. Not macabre at all. Hey, at least I didn’t add blood.

The completed characters:


And the final product:

I caught my man in the middle of joking with a friend.
This is not a posed pic. Just for the record.

We didn’t win any prizes, but that’s okay because there were some AWESOME costumes today. And besides, now I know what we’re up against, we’re so going to ROCK next year!


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