Unwanted attention

I need to have a little complain, and I feel like I’ve bombarded Twitter enough on the matter…


You know how I said a few days ago that I really like people commenting on how good I’m looking? Well, that doesn’t extend to randoms in the street.


This morning, on my way to the office I was waiting to cross Long Street and there was a man digging in a bin. While I waited for a gap in the traffic he struck up a running commentary on my “bums”. I tried to ignore him, until he pushed me too far. I yelled at him to “Shut up and leave me alone!”


He laughed. And carried on about my “bums”. So, I’m afraid I lost it and swore at him, loudly as I was crossing the road. I didn’t care that people heard, in fact, they needed to. They needed to hear a woman react honestly to the harassment we put up with on the streets on an almost daily basis.


I didn’t want to just shout at that man. I wanted to punch him, to physically shut him up. And that’s what makes me all the more angry – that some person like him can take my happy mood and twist it into thoughts of violence.


I wish I could just let it go, that these things would just wash off me, but it happens to often. It makes me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. I don’t want to have to put up with it.


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