Drink your carbs

Yesterday I was invited to a lunch at Den Anker at the V&A Waterfront. Not only was it an opportunity to sample some of what the Belgian Beer Co has to offer, but it was also a neat little glimpse at the Paleo lifestyle.


Paleo and beer? I hear you gasp. And rightly so, but the secret was that Chef Doekle Vlietman had taken some of the existing menu items and adjusted them so they were as low carb as possible. That way we got to enjoy our carbs in our glasses (in moderation) rather than on our plates.


While I’m not a huge beer drinker, I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. It was a reminder of just how delicious food can be, even without all the carbs and sugar. I tucked into mushrooms with balsamic glaze and greens; wagyu tartare; Liefmans sorbet; a delicious trio of cheeses. I sipped my beers slowly to appreciate the pairings, but I’ll admit to feeling a little like an imposter when I noticed all the empty glasses around the table. I really should start bringing the Husband Person along as my Beer Proxy.


And by the time I headed back to work I was pleasantly sated. No cravings for a quick stop at Mariams or Wimpy. Excellent.


Honestly, if I could afford it, I would eat at Den Anker everyday. Because let’s face it, coming up with new, low carb meals at home can be pretty damn tiresome. I truly hope more restaurants will follow their lead and start offering meals that cater to more eating requirements than just veggie.


We’re still doing our chicken and lentil soup at home, but even that’s not completely ideal (caveman speaking) as while the lentils are high protein, they’re also counted as carbs. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not going so extreme that I’m cutting carbs completely, so I’m kind of okay with the soup for now. We’ve already ditched bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.





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