Menu misery

Guys, I have identified my biggest obstacle(s) at the moment, in the weight loss game. Eating out and alcohol.


I manage fine during the week, where all I have to worry about is lunch during the day (salad usually) and supper at home. But eating out has been tricky with most menus not having options for people keen to go low carb. I ended up eating just the wors and relish part of a boerewors roll last night, and munching the chips even though I shouldn’t have. There were just no other side options. I could have ordered a salad, but for about R20 more than the wors roll. In fact, most places charge ludicrous prices for salads. I don’t feel thrilled being asked to pay R70 or so for a bowl of leaves with a sprinkling of chicken. Perhaps making salad is a schlep so they price them so high as a deterrent. But I’m fast approaching the point where I simply don’t eat out.


Alcohol. That’s more an at home, house party kind of issue. I can happily go out for dinner and have a non-alcoholic drink, because I’m usually driving anyway. But when we have people around for a braai it’s a little trickier. Friday night we had a bunch of friends over and we made Jagerbombs, so yummy – but not great when you’re trying to limit the carbs and sugar. I should have just stuck to one, but ja…


On the plus side, because I don’t want to just point out the negatives, I made a huge potato salad for our guests and didn’t have any myself. I piled my plate high with green salad instead, and limited the pre-supper chicken, meatball and cheese and crackers snacks. Although, to be honest, that was mainly because I was still busy in the kitchen and by the time I got outside it looked like a plague of locusts had descended. I wasn’t grumpy though, but rather pleased that our guests had so enjoyed them.


I’m starting to see how my behaviour is changing. It’s still difficult, but I do feel like I’m making progress.


So my goals for this week are to ditch the alcohol and take more of an interest in menus, so I have a better idea of places that I can easily visit without paying a fortune, or having to leave two thirds of my meal on the plate.





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