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I’m realizing how important it is to have support while embarking on any goal. Husband Person has been great when it comes to patiently listening to me natter on about food, the scale and cravings. It’s most probably one of the main reasons I’m succeeding.


But what’s also helping is reading and hearing about other people’s successes. My friend Brian has lost an amazing 70kg and has kept it off. I feel awkward about gushing to him about what an inspiration he is, because I know he hears it a lot, but he is. His blog is a great chronicle of what it’s like to change your life and it’s full of all sorts of stuff that just never occurred to me. I’m always thrilled when I see he’s uploaded a new post.


Likewise, I’m so happy to see that some of my other friends are trying out new eating plans and seeing success. Whether it’s Paleo, or LCHF, people I know are experimenting and finding what works for them and their bodies. Reading about their experiences is a great way to remind myself that I’m definitely not alone.


So if you’re also rethinking your eating habits and general lifestyle, let me know about it. And if you have any great blogs about healthy eating and weight loss that you enjoy, do share the link in the comments below.


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