Advertising agony

One of the things I’ve noticed so far on this journey of mine is that McDonalds and KFC have ridiculously huge advertising budgets. Every time I turn on the radio and every second bill board I pass I’m bombarded with succulent burgers and crispy fries.


So far I’ve managed to look away when a bill board approaches and quickly turn off the radio when I hear that warm, enticing tone. It sounds ridiculous, but I’m certain it’s subliminal. I went through a patch a few weeks back where I was craving McDs. It’s what I wanted most in the whole world. I didn’t give in (hurrah) but I’m almost certain it stemmed from all the advertising. Even if I wasn’t paying particular attention to it.


It’s helped that Husband Person and I have sworn off fast food and take-aways. We’re into our third month without it, so by now the “habit” part of the addiction should be pretty much gone. But that doesn’t stop my brain from piping up every now and then that a Tower Meal would be awesome or a Spicy Chicken Deluxe would hit just the right spot.


My priority is to not just ignore that little voice, but to reason with it, to train it to stop coming up with such stupid suggestions. The scale today reached a new low, and there’s no way a little cardboard box of junk food is going to top the feeling of knowing I’m succeeding.


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