Today is one of those days that I’m miserable about having to watch what I eat.


It’s rainy and grey outside. People are bundled up in hats and coats under umbrellas. And all I want to is bite into something largely comprised of bread and deep friend deliciousness. But I know that I can’t. To make matters worse, I also don’t have oodles of cash at my disposal, so I can even march myself off to a restaurant for something comforting that fits with my food plan.


What makes it worse is reading Tweets about delicious lunches that I know I can’t have. I’m a little jealous, that’s all. And those grumblings escalate into being peeved that there are people out there who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want and have never had to worry about their weight or health before.


Meh. I’ll just sit here and drink water and ignore the vending machine and the lure of half a dozen food places outside.


At least this morning when I arrived in town a little early I limited myself to just a cappuccino at Wimpy and not a whole breakfast. Perhaps the solution is to start planning what I’m going to make for supper. That way I know there’s something delicious in my future that’s worth hanging on for.


Husband Person is back on the Slow Carb plan – which doesn’t quite fit with the LC/HF plan that I’m trying to follow. So it means that cooking is going to be a bit of a schlep for a while. But if our plans work for us it’ll be worth it in the long run.


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