Regaining equilibrium

This weekend involved FAR too much eating out. So the last couple of days and the next few are all about regaining some equilibrium and trying not to freak out too much on the scale. It’s difficult, but I can do it.


One of the main things is not giving in to the hollow feeling inside that tells me I have to be eating all the time. I’m even resisting the urge to snack right now, because I suspect that what my brain thinks is hunger is actually thirst. So water it is.


Speaking of the scale, I dropped to a lovely new low a while back and then steadily climbed again, which was distressing. I need to look back at previous stats though, because maybe it’s a pattern and just part of how my body deals with weightloss. If I suddenly drop to a new low again in the next week or so that’ll be a pretty good indication that it’s normal. Especially since I’m paying close attention to my water consumption and largely staying away from foods that aren’t great for me.


I almost feel like a support group would be so useful in situations like this. See how other people are doing and cheer each other on. Kind of like the support I got from Weight Watchers a few years back. But committing to meetings can be really tricky. I kind of think maybe I should rally all my friends who are trying different eating plans and diets to keep in touch with other and report back on how it’s going. Even if it’s not face to face. But then again, I really don’t want to deal with the admin of managing something like that. I’ll let the idea mull and see what happens.


OH MY GOSH! My colleague has just sat down next to me and is munching her way through a packet of samoosas from Mariams. This is tantamount to torture… can I call HR in to handle it?


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