On your marks…

You there, drop and give me 50! Well ok, maybe just 30 then. Tomorrow I’ll be starting a concentrated 30 day dash of low carb/ high fat living. I’m going to do my best to write about it as I go, but I’m not making any promises, cos y’know, I’ve never even managed to make it all the way through Lent, let along any of those 100 Day challenge things. Yeah, 30 days is far more manageable, but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Least of all my own.

While I’ve been doing the lchf thing for a while, I’ve been a little more relaxed (read: utterly lazy) about ensuring I’m sticking to it properly the past few weeks and that’s got to change, otherwise I may as well put a plaque bearing my name over that grotty corner table in the local fast food joint. You know, the table with the perpetually sticky surface and the greasy stain on the wall from countless, dejected lolling heads being propped up. Gross indeed.

Husband person and I have committed to a month of lchf living – 30 days. We’ll make a note of where we start tomorrow and then what the end results are on… um… whatever date 30 days from now is. Whatever, shut up, I’ll work it out by tomorrow. The up shot is, that we’ll keep track of our progress and see what the overall results are.

So essentially I’m making space at the table for you guys to join in if you like*. C’mon, it’ll be fun… there’ll be bacon, there’ll be butter, there’ll be cheese** and (if we do this properly) there’ll be great results.

Yay! Go team. Rah rah! And all that. (Waves pom pom half-heartedly). I’m going to regret this somewhere round day 3 aren’t I? and you’re probably going to laugh at me, aren’t you? But heck (yeah, I said “heck” cos I’m cool like that) if it pays off in the long run, won’t it be awesome? Yes, yes it will.


*Food not included, obviously. What do I look like, a soup kitchen? Sigh, okay, if you show up for dinner, I probably will feed you, I’m not a savage. But don’t expect anything gourmet.

** Serving suggestion. You’ll have to provide all that yourself, cos like, I’m trying to buy a house.


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