A Good Start (30 Day Dash – Day 1)

Day one of my low carb/ high fat 30 Day Dash and things are looking peachy (although not actual peaches, cos those aren’t allowed). But first days are always the best, aren’t they? I’m a little over 7 hours into the day (waking hours of course) and so far I’ve been bombarded by a delicious market outside which I know has the most delicious hoisin duck and shiitake spring rolls, and some pretty mean bobotie spring rolls too. I’ll be honest and admit that the fact that the lifts are STILL NOT WORKING helped make the decision to not “just take a little innocent stroll through the market, not gonna buy anything, promise… although…”

And it’s also a colleague’s birthday, which means not 3 metres from me there’s a red velvet cake and some monstrosity of a marshmallow and brownie bedecked chocolate number weeping softly about how abandoned they feels. But I’m strong. I won’t eat them. I’ll sip on this water instead. And I’ll feel stupidly proud of myself. Because I’ve managed to outwit a table of baked goods. Yep, I’m smarter than a plate of flour, sugar and chocolate. Go me.

It may have been slightly more challenging had said cakes been home-made, but thankfully the colleague in question doesn’t seem to be the type.

Roller derby tonight means that I’ll have to get supper done a few hours earlier – I don’t fancy “un-eating” my veggie-laden supper all over the track. Not a pretty picture – especially under the fluorescent lights. I’m looking forward to practice though (sans upchuck) because there’s something so fantastic about going super fast, and really feeling the burn in my body. Oh, of course I complain bitterly the next day, pouting more than a tween selfie, and demanding ALL THE SYMPATHY for my sore muscles. But whatever. You know I’ll be back for more. Because that’s just how I roll. (I’m not even going to have the impudence to put in the phonetic drum roll – it was lame, I know).

We started the day with coffee (haven’t taken sugar in my coffee for over a decade – oh my grief I think I need a little lie down, how has it been that long already?) and scrambled eggs with crispy grilled bacon. Simply delicious and totally lchf. Didn’t take me long at all to get used to breakfast without toast, in fact, I haven’t really pined much for bread.

So yeah, so far day one has been great. I made a note of my weight, and I’ll do my measurements this evening – look, I know I should have done them this morning, but do you even have any concept of how cold a tape measure is first thing in the morning?

Oh, and as promised, the last day of this challenge will be June 20. I may have had to work it out by counting actual blocks on the calendar (three times), but whatever, don’t judge me. I’m still going to come up with a good way to keep you posted of actual progress number wise, without having to tell the world my weight. Heh. Never had an issue with telling the general public my age… but my weight… that’s a different story altogether. 


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