Sweet nothings (30dd – Days 2 and 3)

For dinner on day one I whipped up a chicken stir-fry with green chilli paste and coconut milk, based on a recipe from the Real Meal Revolution. The original recipe wanted pork, but I’m lazy and broke and besides, I’d already taken chicken out of the freezer. It was utterly delicious – if I do say so myself. And I managed to eat early enough that I didn’t throw up at practice, which was especially good considering Top Billing was there to film us. That would have been far from glamorous.

Day two went really well too. Considering I had an order of brownies to make and managed to send all the off cuts home with my mom, instead of gobbling them up myself. Obviously I tasted the tiniest sliver to make sure they weren’t hideous, but that’s as far as it went, I swear.

And for supper I prepared a kick-ass cottage pie with cauli mash. It as while making it, however, that I realised what is going to be the biggest issue for me for the first few weeks of this challenge – not using sugar. No I’m not talking about leaving sugar out of my coffee (I’ve been doing that for years), or avoiding sweets (that’s not as hard as you’d think). I’m talking about the sugar that hides like a vicious little bastard, cackling with glee as it waits to sabotage you. The sugar that lurks in things like tomato sauce and a myriad other things you’d expect to be safe. Usually when I make mince, and if you judge me I’ll rescind my offer of making you dinner one day, I glug in tomato sauce and chutney. So I’ve apparently become used to things being sweet.

I stood in front of my mince having a bit of a moment. It was stupid bland at the beginning and everything I turned to had sugar listed under the ingredients. In the end I tossed in a couple of herbs and took the mince a little further than usual and it worked perfectly. And then I grated some cheese on top once I’d smeared on the cauli mash and grilled the whole shebang.

There were supposed to be left-overs for today, but umm ja. It turns out Husband Person really enjoyed it too. So yay?

I’ll admit, the sugar thing has really surprised me. We’ve a potjie bubbling on the coals at the moment and I put a lot of thought into the ingredients. Seriously, I spent over an hour in Pick n Pay. Never mind that I as buying other groceries too… But there was a lot of label scrutinising going on. It’ll probably get easier, oh please let it get easier.

So far the scale is looking good too. I’m down another 0.6kg, which is great. This has been slow and steady so far anyway and I’m happy for it to continue like that. Platitudes like “the slower to lose, the longer it stays off” aside, I just simply can’t afford to suddenly wake up skinny. Clothes are expensive, man. And there’s really only so much Bio Oil can do.


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