Growl (30dd – Day 4)

Day four and I’ll admit to be a touch grumpy. Okay, fine, taking into account the way I yelled and hooted at the person who tossed a cigarette out of their car window this morning, more than just a “touch”. Although they totally deserved it (but more on that another time). I’m feeling agro, and it’s almost certainly because I’m a few days into this renewed push to stick to this eating plan perfectly. Again, the carbs (or lack there-of) are not to blame. It think it’s sugar withdrawal. Apparently it makes me mean.

Hopefully this’ll have stabilized by tomorrow when town will be full of unsuspecting people, getting in my way, offending my sensibilities and generally being a nuisance. Today, the streets are empty and the newsroom is quiet, so there’s no need to call a state of emergency – just yet. So long as I stay off Twitter, away from newspaper headlines and the internet in general for now, we should be okay.

Not entirely sure what to make for supper tonight, but I’m leaning towards a repeat of that stir-fry I made the other day. It’s quite light – which I think is in order, after that (simply divine) potjie last night which tempted me to indulge in seconds. I also have a couple of ingredients left over that will probably go to waste if I don’t use them soon. Good thing I don’t get bored eating the same dishes over and over. Anyway, I’m kind of hungry now, so I’m going to stop torturing myself by talking about food, and I’m going to instead pop out for a cuppa.

Another thing to add to the Annoyance Quotient for today? The lifts are still not working. I don’t know why I was surprised really. But let me stop complaining and get out for my caffeine fix and miserable trudge back up the stairs.


2 thoughts on “Growl (30dd – Day 4)

  1. Hahahahahaha yeah it’s not always easy resisting the awesome tastiness of sweets and carb goodies, my sympathies! I myself have had a total collapse on the wagon, and have shot back up 2.5kg’s in the past week alone! Hang in there Terri, it’s well worth it. Have you tried the hot fat shake (choc) found in the Real Meal Revolution book as yet? That should satiate any sweet cravings you have 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve been eyeing that recipe… I’ll make it as soon as I get over the name! 🙂 Heh heh. Maybe as a weekend treat, or when it’s rainy outside.

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