Feeling exposed (30dd – Day 6)

Soooo, today muggins here made the mistake of wearing a fitting top to work and was ambushed in one department by a bunch of people wanting to know how I’ve lost so much weight. I’ve been hiding under big clothes and lots of layers, see. It was ridiculously awkward, but also kind of affirming.

I got a little practice at owning my success so far, but I also slid into the “Oh, but I still have such a long way to go…” C’mon Terri, you’ve worked hard for this, own it!

Another weird thing was being asked how I’ve done it. I’m more than happy to share. But I’m also adamant that people realize that what works for me might not work for them. That they need to find out what their body needs and go with that, cos we’re all so different.

I’m so very wary of encouraging people to do things my way – and that goes for all aspects of life. I feel people need to explore for themselves and find what works for them. Obviously I’m happy to talk about what I’m doing, but I never want to be seen to be trying to indoctrinate anyone. Heh. One of them even suggested that now I should become a public speaker and make money off this… Umm no. Nu-uh. Pass. Besides, I don’t think my (awesome, yet still pretty demure in light of others’ success) almost 20kgs is noteworthy enough to fill conference rooms. I’ll just stick to my blog for now.

But I get what she was saying. And it is awesome to have people willing to put themselves and their journey out there. To become spokespeople for life-changing  stuff, and to act as an inspiration for others. But I don’t think that’s me. Not really. Well, not at the moment. I’d prefer to keep on keeping on, sharing with those who are interested enough to click on a link. And if people in real life ask me about it, I’ll happily chat for a bit, but hope they won’t mind when I scurry off, blushing madly.


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