No big deal (30dd – Day 7)

So it’s Day 7 and I don’t have terribly much to report. Last night we ate left-over potjie, which was great, seeing as how I didn’t have to cook. Oh wait! I do have some news – I went to a press screening last night and I managed to politely turn down the FREE popcorn and coke they had laid on for us. It was quite a challenge, and I can’t say sitting in the cinema surrounded by that delicious smell and happy crunching was easy – but I did it. Yay me! (My tummy is grumbling even typing about it though…)

Then my trip to the Spar on the way home was comprised of reading labels. Like EVRYTHING has sugar in it. Shame, Husband Person has bee jonesing for gherkins, but the dratted things are pickled with sugar. In the end I walked away with cheese, bacon and milk. But I didn’t think to check the milk label. How on earth does milk contain sugar? Sigh. P’raps we need to look into getting a cow.

Tonight we’ve got the landlord bringing people round to look at the flat, after which I’ll whip up a cottage pie again. That’ll be a nice hearty dish for this rainy kind of day.

Another colleague had a birthday today and she brought a mountain of home-baked goodies. I gave them a quick peek and then walked away and topped up my water. Didn’t feel as triumphant as with the Popcorn Victory, but maybe that’s a good thing… saying no is slowly becoming less of a big deal.


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