Still here (30dd – Day 8 to 11)

Before anyone goes freaking out, no, I haven’t given up. I just had nothing much to say on Thursday and then didn’t get round to writing over the weekend on account of it being so busy.

Even so, I’m going to keep this short. The main triumphs of the weekend were that we went to a friend’s house yesterday afternoon for a potjie and the coffee table was groaning under the weight of snacks. Things like chips, crackers, sweets and those chewy dried fruit sugar coated jobbies. It was so so hard to ignore it all, but Husband Person and I were freaking rock stars. We may have hovered alarmingly close occasionally, but common sense won out. Go us! There was even garlic bread later which we managed to bypass.

And we tucked into some chicken strips and the courgette hummus I made, later that night after stopping by at another friend’s birthday party. It was a good day and I’m thrilled with the progress we’re making. Scale wise, I’ve dropped a bit more, but I’m hovering again. This is probably because I skipped roller derby this week. I just felt like I needed a little break.

I’m starting to rely quite heavily on safety pins… All my skirts are way too big for me now, so I’ve been pinning them at the waist. My mom put darts in the one I was wearing on Friday, and I think I’ll take all the others through for her to adjust next week. Hooray!


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