Not so Smart (30dd – Day 12 to 13)

The thing about being home and sick is that the chances are you’re gonna get hungry, and you’re not going to have all that much energy to actually “make” something decent to eat. It’s moment like that where things like microwave popcorn, 2-minute noodles and bread get gobbled up between snotty sobs.

Thankfully we had no such things in the house yesterday as I lay miserably on the couch. Instead I had to get up and force myself to make food. I turned out a pretty decent omelette with feta inside. And then the next few trips to the fridge involved chunks of feta on its own. Not ideal, not by a long shot, but I promise you, if there had been anything else in the house (even carbs!) I would have wolfed it all down and cried my way through a generous helping of self-loathing for pudding.

Full disclosure though – I did, on Sunday after coming home from work early with a monster headache – eat more than a fistful of Smarties that were left over from my last baking job. The chocolate part tasted good, but man colouring tastes vile these days. And I thought this new stuff was supposed to be healthier than what we gobbled by the gallon as kids. It’s yuck. Plenty motivation enough to not eat Smarties again.

Needless to say I didn’t cook on Sunday. I was feeling gross and Husband Person had just eaten when I got home anyway. But yesterday evening, feeling slightly better, I dragged myself out from under the blankets and did some roast chicken pieces, cauli-mash and a butter-fried courgette and mushroom mix topped with blue cheese. Quite the effort for an invalid. And really tasty and filling too.

Not entirely sure what’s on the menu for tonight, but it’ll need to be something warm and hearty if the weather warnings coming through from my insurance company are to be trusted.

What’s your “go to” dish when it’s cold and wet outside? And can it be adjusted to work as a low carb/ high fat meal? I loooove lasagna, so I’m thinking I’ll do something along those line. But we’ll see how I feel after the bus ride home. I might just open a tin of tuna and grab two forks…


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