Need a lift? (30dd – Day 14)

(Warning: I am going to talk about lifts again. Just the first few paragraphs. So if my incessant whining about lifts triggers urges to push me down one of their shafts, please skip ahead to ***.)


For the past few days there’s been one operational lift in our building. ONE. And the owners have stipulated that it’s only to be used by people who are ill, have heart conditions, asthma, or delivery people and guests. But I mean really, who’ll really know or care if an able-bodied person just pops in quickly?

ME! I will know, I will care and I will despise you. Honestly. And this goes especially for the people who work on the SECOND FLOOR. The noisy, inconsiderate, rude people who pack in there like sardines, laughing and joking about “Bra, you don’t have a heart condition, do you?” They irritated the life out of me. And I was ridiculously close to playing head prefect and finding someone to “tell on” to.

Another reason they irritated me all the more, was that it was a person from their company who caused the whole power situation in the first place. You’d think they’d be a little considerate… Breathe Terri, breathe.

Anyway, I’ve been trudging up the stairs like a good little citizen for the past two weeks. And then yesterday morning a colleague drew my attention to something I hadn’t known. Upon actually reading the notice stuck up in the lift area, those who work on floors 4 to 6 are allowed to take the lift. That includes me! But (prepare for some sickening pompousness) I have still been using the stairs. Yep. Because I’m awesome.

*** It’s safe, you can jump on here. Which floor you going to? Heh heh.

Food-wise things are still plodding along happily. Although deciding what to cook each night it a bit of a pain. Husband Person says he isn’t phased with eating the same things over and over, but I’d prefer a little diversity. Only thing is that can be pricey – especially since we’re eating a lot more fresh veggies these days. Gone are the days of a bag of pasta and a tin of mixed veg.

Last night I made a low carb/ high fat kind of cottage pie/ lasagna hybrid. So, mince, layered with thinly sliced courgette and cauli-mash and cheese. It was just the right kind of filling for a cold evening.

The scale is being a bit of a brat at the moment, but I’m assuming that’s because I’ve been sick. I’m trying not to get miserable about it. But I’m not beyond calling it horrible names when it doesn’t play nice.



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