I know it’s not potato (30dd – Day 19)

Skipped a few days, but nothing too major happened (except some party snacks that I’m not proud of – moving right along – nothing to see here). My weight is still sticking around the same point, but that’s cos I’ve been away from derby with this wretched cold (and probably also due to said party snacks, ahem). Balance is important when it comes to skating, so with messed up ears I’ve found it safer to retreat to the couch.

I’ve been trying a few more of the low carb/ high fat recipes from Real Meal Revolution. Just with a little tweaking due to budget constraints. On Saturday I made chicken wraps, with cabbage leaves instead of wrap wraps. With a bunch of veggie stuff inside. The original recipe needed turkey breasts, dried cranberries, lettuce mix and anchovies, so I simplified it quite a bit. But they were good, and Husband Person enjoyed them too.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of roast chicken (I roast individual pieces, drumsticks and thighs) with veggies on the side. Last week I made sage and blue cheese roasted gem squash again which were fabulous! And then last night I gave the cauli-rice a bash for the first time. I’ll admit, it’s one of concepts I’ve been most dubious about. But it was great, and Husband Person even asked if there was more. It’ll be a definite go-to when I make stews and curries this winter. And a little cauliflower goes a long way in “rice” form.

I’ve witnessed some debate recently about these “substitutes”, especially the ones involving cauliflower. It seems some people are completely horrified by the idea that cauliflower has become popular. They scoff when anyone dares to express how delicious cauli-mash is. No, it’s not “the same” as regular potato mash, it never will be. But it IS delicious. The same goes for cauli-rice – it’s not “the same” as rice, but it works really well as an alternative to a pile of grains on your plate. And it’s tasty. Guys, we’re not doing that age-old vegetarian number here by trying to pretend that a lump of soy is actually a steak. I KNOW that cauli-rice isn’t basmati, but it tastes good and worked well with my meal last night. And I KNOW that cauli-mash isn’t potato, but it’s yum and goes great on a cottage pie. And to be honest, they’re both so tasty, they make it easier to give up the “real thing”. I simply don’t miss rice and mash anymore, and I don’t have to “pretend” to be eating them to be happy.

I’m really enjoying making varied meals that fit with this lchf plan. And I think we’re getting the hang of it nicely. Shame, there are poor sad bags of pasta and tins of baked beans lying neglected in the cupboard, and an army of sugar-laden sauces shivering in the fridge. And for once I don’t feel duty-bound to use them. They simply don’t fit with our eating plan anymore, and that’s fine.

PS  Guys, there are cupcakes at work again. I just felt I needed to tell someone, and add that I will not be having one (or two or three…) There, it’s out in the open, now I have no choice but to stick to my water, and ignore their plaintive cries.


3 thoughts on “I know it’s not potato (30dd – Day 19)

  1. I’ve grown very fond of both caulimash and caulirice; and I love the fact that you can experiment with both and have great, tasty results each time. I miss pasta though… a good spag bol goes a long way! But then I remember that I can go home and eat pork belly and marrow’s with bacon fried in butter, legally, and it’s all okay again 😉 Hang in there – proud of you guys!

  2. Oh, also, hint – take all those bags of unfinished pasta etc that are in your cupboard and give them to the next person who asks for a handout / a friend who isn’t buying into LCHF. You’ll thank me later.

    • 🙂 We’re going to stay with my parents for a few months soon, so my brother and my dad can dig in happily. But I’ll check what they will or won’t use and find someone to pass the rest on to. Good thinking.

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